Do you want to have your money fixed at the bank for a longer period at an attractive interest rate?

Then choose a term deposit at VCBBank.

The maturity and interest rate depend entirely on the amount you wish to invest and your requirements. Storing money for a longer period in the form of a term deposit pays a higher interest rate than an ordinary savings account. Achieve an attractive return by seizing opportunities! At the VCB, we guarantee you an attractive interest rate for term deposits in SRD or USD!

You can also apply for a Term Deposit for your company. You can invest extra business assets for a longer period at a higher interest rate.

You can open a term deposit with us from SRD 25,000 or USD 25,000. The interest rate depends on the term, and you may indicate when you wish to receive the interest. That is how easy it is with us!

Would you like to know more? For more information, please visit one of our offices.

Minimum          Deposit SRD     25,000

If you wish to receive your interest monthly, this is also possible.

Note that this is possible with a minimum term of 2 years. With monthly interest payments, 1% interest will be deducted.