At VCBBank you are also available for renting safe deposit boxes in various formats for the safe storage of your important documents. So you no longer have to risk losing your important items by fire or being exposed to theft. Depending on the size of your chosen format, you will be charged a certain amount annually.

The rates of the safes are:

  • Model 1 (28cm x 43cm x 4cm) Srd 70, = p / y
  • Model 2 (28cm x 43cm x 7cm) Srd 90, = p / y
  • Model 3 (28cm x 43cm x 18cm) Srd 100, = p / y
  • Model 4 (28cm x 43cm x 29cm) Srd 120, = p / y

The deposit is $ 300 or € 225.

For more information, you can visit one of our offices.