Domestic payment traffic gives you the convenience to make local payments. It saves you a huge amount of time and is also safe. For example, if you want to transfer money to your own bank account at your own bank or at another bank, or transfer it for a relation to another local bank, you can do so by giving a payment order to the bank. This can be done via VCB Mobile Banking or you can fill out a special form at the bank. The condition is that you are an account holder at VCBBANK. You can also use your giro account for automatic payment of your utility bills (EBS, SWM and / or Telesur)

If for whatever reason, you have to transfer money abroad, you do not have to do that in person. You save yourself time and money by simply giving a payment order to the bank. You fill in a special form with the bank. You must then have a EUR and / or USD giro account with the bank. The transfer of money depends on the purpose, however, special conditions and costs associated.

Do you need to receive money from abroad into your account at the VCB? Our SWIFT code is: VCBSSRPA

For more information or instructions on receiving funds from abroad, please contact the Transfers department on telephone number 472616 during office hours or send an email to


These forms can be completed, downloaded, signed and handed in at any VCB office for execution.

Domestic Transfer
Foreign Transfer