Insurance is taken out to cover an uncertain event. For example: you have bought a new car and to prevent that someone else will hit you, and you will have to pay the costs yourself, you take out Casco (all risk) insurance. Or for protection in case your furniture is destroyed by fire, you opt for fire insurance.

VCBBANK is an agent of the following insurance companies:

We can arrange the following insurances for you with one of the companies of your choice:

SOR Insurance

The SOR-insurance covers the obligations of the employer towards his personnel in case of an accident or occupational disease in accordance with the Accident Regulation as referred to in the National Ordinance of September 10, 1947.

Home insurance

To cover large losses in case of theft or damage to your electronic equipment due to e.g., lightning strikes, it is advisable to insure your household effects. You will then receive a payment should one of these events occur.

Health Insurance

As a resident of Suriname, you are obliged to insure yourself for at least basic health care. With health insurance, you choose the plan that suits you best.

WAM/Casco Insurances

The WAM, or Third-Party Liability Insurance for Motor Vehicles, is a compulsory insurance that every car owner must have.

Fire insurance

By taking out fire insurance you are making the wise choice to protect your assets. You will receive a benefit in case of fire and water damage. You will also receive a benefit in the event of damage not necessarily involving fire, for example lightning.

Funeral insurance

With the payment of a funeral insurance, you ensure that your surviving relatives will not run into financial problems when you die.

Accident insurance

The personal accident insurance covers the costs resulting from an accident both in and outside the profession.  This insurance has 4 sections, namely:

  1. Death due to an accident
  2. Permanent disability resulting from an accident
  3. Daily allowance as a result of temporary occupational disability
  4. Medical expenses

Travel insurance

The Travel Insurance offers good coverage for costs resulting from accidents and acute illnesses, especially on your holiday. For a favorable minimum premium and an attractive excess amount, you are well insured against such costs.

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