At the VCBBank you can open a checking account where you can, for example, deposit your salary and make payments from there by means of a payment order. When opening the account you have the choice to request a checkbook and a debit card. If you need money, you can write a check and collect it at the cash desk. You can also use your debit card to withdraw money from your Srd giro account at all VCB ATMs, but also at the ATMs that are connected to the BNETS network. Of course you can also use P.O.S. to make payments at many stores. This is not only fast, but also safe! The POS limit is set at SRD 350.000.

If you are tight, you have the option to be “red” on your giro account. This facility is known to our bank as the Psa limit and must be requested if you need it.

There is the possibility to withdraw Srd 2000,- from our ATM’s. Note: With a limit of Srd 1000,- per transaction.

Besides giro accounts in Srd you can also open a giro account in foreign currencies and Euro and / or USD.

To open a giro account you need:

  • A valid ID (ID card, Surinamese passport or driver’s license).
  • An employer’s statement.
  • For self-employed people and companies a KKF extract, valid permit and statutes (the latter applies to companies).
  • A first deposit of Srd 25 / Euro 50 / USD 50.
  • CBB uittreksel

    For more information, you can visit one of our offices.