VCBBank is a financial institution focused on providing banking services. We offer both private and business services.


Customers can come to us for financial products in the field of payments, savings, loans, mortgages, insurance, and investments. As a bank, we always put our customers’ interests first. Our knowledge and experience enable us to meet the needs of a broad customer base. This consists of individuals, families, small businesses, large companies and institutions. Our customers are central to everything we do.

The Surinaamse Volkscredietbank opened its doors to the public in 1949. But its history goes back to 1932. On 27 August of that year, a commission was appointed to study whether it was desirable to create a legal regulation for a money lending business in Suriname. The state’s condition was that no legal money lending business should be created without creating a new credit opportunity. To meet this condition, two important studies were carried out and the final conclusions of these documents served as a basis for the founding act of the Surinaamse Volkscredietbank.

This deed was executed on October 18, 1948 in the presence of notary Drielsma and published in the G.A.B. of October 22, 1948 no. 93. On January 3, 1949 the Volkscredietbank opened its doors to the public. The bank began its business by discounting small promissory notes and pawn loans. The lending methods have changed somewhat over the years, while the terms and conditions of lending continue to be applied and tightened, depending on the times and conditions prevailing at the time.

During the years, the bank successively expanded its sphere of activity from Paramaribo and its surroundings to the districts as a result of the economic activity. For example, there is a branch in the Nickerie district, which originated from the public credit department of Surinaamsche Bank N.V.


The popular credit system in Nickerie was financed by Surinaamsche Bank N.V. and managed by loaned personnel from VCB in Paramaribo. This cooperation between the two banks was laid down in the National Ordinance of December 17, 1952, started in 1953 and was to end as soon as Surinaamsche Bank N.V. ceased to be a circulation bank. That moment fell on April 1, 1957, when the Central Bank of Suriname was established. On April 5, 1958, the VCB opened its doors to the public in Nickerie.


In 1975, banking activities were started in Lelydorp. Since the bank did not yet have its own office space, part of the Samoedj shop was rented. The construction of the bank’s own office started in 1975 and the official opening took place in 1977. In April of 1982, the construction works for the Latour office started. The official opening took place on January 31st, 1983. This was followed by the opening of the offices in Groningen, Saramacca on February 1, 1986, and Para.

In December 2014, the acquisition of Landbouwbank N.V. took place under the watchful eye and guidance of the State of Suriname (as shareholder of both banks). With this acquisition, the VCBBANK has expanded its distribution network and now has 10 offices in 7 different districts. This will bring VCBBANK’s services even closer to society; after all, we are a bank for everyone. We offer tailor-made financial services and are committed to being your financial service provider of choice.

As stated in Article 2 of the Statutes of the VCB, the bank’s tasks include operating a “bank of loan”, i.e., pawnbroking. In 1948, there were several active pawn shops, of which the Simons pawn shop was one of the largest. It was agreed with the owner of this pawnshop that when it became operational, this pawnshop would be liquidated and the VCBBANK would take over its activities. The staff of pawn shop Simons were employed by VCBBANK. Today, it is abundantly clear that this form of short-term, small loans, often emergency or bridging loans, meets a great need in society.

Mission Statement

VCBBANK is a proactive social financial institution that is accessible to everyone through a personal approach and guidance, offering optimal customer service with tailored services and products.

Vision Statement

We are determined to take the dominant position in the financial sector with empowered employees who give quality attention to our customers.

Core values

  • Integrity / discretion
  • Professionalism / expertise
  • Flexibility
  • Customer service
  • Innovative / dynamic
  • Transparency / open communication