Important Tips

Important TIPS for the use of your VCB debitcard and PINCODE/ VCB Digi Pass

  • In case of loss or theft of your VCB Bank Debit card / VCB DIGI-Pass you must report this immediately.
  • Never give your PIN code to anyone. It is top secret.
  • Never write down your PIN anywhere. Never give it to others not even to a family member or close friend (s).
  • If you suspect that a third party has learned your PIN then have it changed immediately.
  • Protect the magnetic strip on the back of your card, in particular against magnetic fields or damage.
  • Please ensure that you are not alone at an ATM in the evenings and that there is a safe distance between you and the others waiting.
  • Always check your receipts along with your transcripts / historic task, and let us know immediately if there are differences.
  • If you are connected to the Internet please note that especially the URL (website) address begins with “https”, if so then this site has a secure server.
  • Protect your equipment: Use a virus scanner, firewall or anti-spyware. Use the latest version of your browser and secure your wireless Internet (WiFi)